Therapy is a detailed but non-judgmental look at what is going on in your life. Sometimes, there is a clear agenda, and sometimes the exploration of therapy has less of a road map. But therapy is a process that allows us to understand
patterns in our lives. The knowledge of these patterns allows us to make new choices and have new ways of feeling about ourselves. When this process emerges, even problems we have to live with can feel very different.

Services and Approaches

As a psychologist NYC, Dr. Peter Meiland has provided psychotherapy and assessment services to clients from Manhattan and surrounding areas since 1996.

People go into therapy for different reasons; difficult relationships, medical conditions, anxiety and depression, the process of getting older, and the desire to meet life’s goals, just to name a few.

Dr. Meiland believes that people are the “experts” in their own lives. This may not be how they feel in the first meeting, but clients eventually find their own strengths and ways of coping. People come to therapy at difficult
time, but also times of transition when things are going well.

Dr. Meiland blends a range of techniques, and is an interactive therapist who does not sit silently.