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Individual Psychotherapy NYC

People go into therapy for different reasons; difficult relationships, medical conditions, anxiety and depression, the process of getting older, and the desire to meet life’s goals, just to name a few.

I believe that people are the “experts” in their own lives.  This may not be how they feel in the first meeting, but the process of therapy should help one find strength in themselves, make courageous choices, and take risks in their lives.

Testing Children For Learning Disabilities NYC

Learning Disability Diagnosis NYC

Learning-disabled children usually know that school is hard for them.  Typically, they believe they struggle academically because  they are either “stupid” or “not trying”.  It’s heartbreaking to talk to a child with a learning disability who has already acquired this label.

Children benefit from testing because it “de-mystifies” them.  They learn the real reasons for their struggle.  Testing leads to strategies to “work around” a learning disability, and shows how a child has already “compensated” for their learning disability” (often by becoming unusually capable in other subject areas).

Learning Disability Testing NYC

A Sample Testing Report

There are a number of sections of a comprehensive report based on testing, such as an introductory session, clinical observations section, test interpretation, and conclusion and recommendations.

Whether you are interested in having Dr. Meiland provide an evaluation to you or a family member, or whether you simply want an idea of how a test report “reads”, feel free to peruse each of the following four sections, each with it’s own tab.

Diabetes Psychologist NYC

Diabetes Management NYC

Psychotherapy is a helpful addition to the other types of treatment a diabetic may be using.  The challenges for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics are often different, requiring  separate approaches to self regulation and management.

Psychotherapy serves as a complementary role in the management of the illness, aimed at addressing the psychological and behavioral dimensions of the illness and its treatment.

As a premier clinical psychologist based in NYC, Peter Meiland PH. D has been providing exceptional psychological services to clients from Manhattan and surrounding areas for over 20 years. In addition to being an experienced clinical psychologist and well known child psychologist, Dr. Meiland also provides the following psychological services: learning disabilities testing, learning disabilities diagnosis, psychoeducational testing, psychological testing, diabetes self management, individual psychotherapy. Dr. Meiland provides a supportive, direct and encouraging atmosphere for his NYC clients. Contact Dr. Meiland today to see how he can help you.